Effective Speaking and Body Language

Effective Speaking and Body Language

Course Dates
August 30 - October 3, 2021

Course Instructor
Christine Dunham

  • Do people listen when you talk?
  • Do you know how to organize and articulate your thoughts so you are easy to understand?
  • Do you want to communicate in a way that will influence, inspire and move people to action?
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The ability to communicate in a clear, concrete, and concise manner is crucial to your success. Every time you participate in a meeting, give a project status update, lead a conference call, or engage in conversation with an organizational leader in the hallway - these are all opportunities to showcase your communication skills and positively impact how you are viewed in your organization. This course will increase your confidence, and verbal and non-verbal communication skills in situations ranging from giving an update at a team meeting to a large group presentation. The presentation techniques covered in this class will help professionals overcome barriers and communicate in a way that engages audiences and gets results.

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