DAM for GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums)

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Course Dates
November 1 - 28, 2021

Course Instructor
Kristina Huddart

  • Have you heard about Digital Asset Management (DAM) and how it can be used alongside your Collection Management practice to help you deliver digital capabilities?
  • How can you run a successful DAM practice in your GLAM organization - and keep it growing and delivering value?
  • How can you get buy-in from GLAM leadership, ensure the right people adopt the practice, and engage people across your organization to get the most out of your unique and valuable rich media and metadata?
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Kristina Huddart
                              Kristina Huddart

Your gallery, library, archives, or museum (GLAM) organization is great at managing collections of physical objects, artworks, books, and ancient manuscripts. But now you've been asked to share your collections digitally or give your patrons, visitors, and audiences an incredible digital experience. Where do you start?

Start with organizing your digital assets (images, digital surrogates, videos, marketing and event graphics, educational materials, conservation records and any other digital file and the metadata that describes these assets) by building and improving your Digital Asset Management (DAM) practice.

We'll go in-depth with DAM as well as case studies from within and outside of GLAM to guide you on success for your DAM practice. Whether you already have a DAM practice in place, or your GLAM organization is starting to explore "what is DAM?" or "how can we manage our collections and operations digitally", this is the right course for you. This course provides an understanding of the fundamental concepts, components, and elements necessary for the success of a DAM practice within your gallery, library, archives, or museum organization.

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