Professional Health Communication Certificate (New, Spring 2021)

The Covid-19 pandemic has vividly highlighted the critical role of healthcare and healthcare communications in many parts of our society. We are witnessing frontline healthcare workers performing heroically and demonstrating an inspiring commitment to service. As the healthcare profession grows and jobs increase, well above national averages, the demand for skilled healthcare communicators has become a critical need. Health communicators need to communicate clearly and thoughtfully in times of stress, addressing the multiple challenges an organization faces. This certificate will help you advance your communication skills in an array of positions in hospitals, government and marketing agencies, private medical practices, assisted living facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and community organizations.

Our new certificate program is for you if you are in the early or mid-stage of your healthcare career, if you aspire to a healthcare-related career, or if you want to pivot into this dynamic profession. Our certificate in Professional Health Communication uniquely combines communication, media literacy, and community engagement to help you enhance the skills needed to succeed in this dynamic profession. Our faculty and staff work with you on an individual basis to ensure you meet your professional development goals.

Designed for the working professional

  • Courses are 100% online enabling you to complete the program while working.
  • The courses are four weeks long and are instructor-led as well as self-paced.
  • The course schedule is flexible. You can start this program with any course in any month. The course schedule loops so that you can complete the program in six months no matter which month you start in.
  • You can design your Certificate experience, you are welcome to take stand-alone courses that meet your career development needs from our course portfolio.
  • We deploy a “learn it today and apply it tomorrow” instructional philosophy. Our courses are taught by highly experienced practitioners who will share experiences and best practices that you can use right away at work.
  • The program is affordable. $895 per course, or 10% off the complete certificate (6 courses).

Register for a single course

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Course overviews

March 1- March 28, 2021. Health and Media Literacy-In today’s world, defining health and disease are described not only by ‘evidence’, science, and medicine but also by communication, cultures, backgrounds, religions, the media, etc. Health literacy offers us different ways of thinking in regard to how we, as health educators and communicators, engage with information about and for health as both users and providers of health information.

April 4-May 2, 2021. Health Communication in the 21st Century-The course is designed to examine 21st-century health communication competencies and evaluate communication challenges in the healthcare system, offering strategies and tools to develop effective messaging and improve health communication delivery outcomes.

Mediated Health Communications-The course is designed to look at communication campaigns design impact human behavior and are seen as an important method for health promotion (changing health behavior such as quitting smoking, wearing seat belts, etc).  This course will examine the general principles of health communication campaigns and patterns of campaign effects.  

Developing Successful Health Communication Campaigns-The course considers the design, implementation, and evaluation of health communication campaigns. It focuses on the processes needed for the successful creation and assessment of public health campaigns. It will cover best practice strategies, as well as common mistakes, make in healthcare campaigns.

Best Practices for Interpersonal Healthcare Communication-The course is designed to provide a survey of health communication research and theory within the context of interpersonal health communication. Topics may include patient and health provider communication, health-related communication in families and personal relationships communicating social support and caregiving for those with serious illnesses, cultural competency, and health disparities.

Community Engagement in Health Communication-Tremendous changes in health care has included an intense focus on high-value patient care that demands communication between different health professions disciplines and encourages working closely with communities. The Health Profession and Community Engagement course will survey critical theories and models of healthcare and community engagement, including but not limited to the exploration of service-learning, planning and implementing community partnerships, positive youth development, theories of equity, citizenship, diversity, social justice, and ethical engagement to improve important healthcare outcomes.

For more information about this program, please fill out the inquiry form on this page or contact Regina Efimchik, Professional Development Studies Director, at To apply click here.