Master of Health Communication and Information

The Master of Health Communication and Information program is no longer accepting applications. If you are interested in health specialization, please visit our health communication concentration within the Master of Communication and Media program.

The Master of Health Communication and Information (MHCI) program focuses on the communication, information, and media aspects of health-related policies and practices. Classes will explore the critical systems and interactions that support wellness in interpersonal, community, organizational, and public settings. Our program is designed to enable you to navigate and leverage the intersections of communication, information, and media in an environment of information overload. Our MHCI degree focuses on the various communication modalities as well as the strategic and managerial aspects of information systems in healthcare. 

Work with expert faculty who integrate theory and practice to keep you abreast of current healthcare practices and trends. Gain a multidisciplinary perspective on how communication and information can affect outcomes for illness and disease. Acquire the skills needed to contribute to the evolution and development of healthcare campaigns and interventions. 

The program includes instruction in the development and use of health-related and care-related messages and media, communication, information, and interaction in provider-patient contexts. We cover:

  • the goals and strategies of healthcare promotion;
  • relationships, roles, situations, and social structures in the context of health maintenance;
  • designing organizational and informational structures to manage health provision;
  • applications that address disease prevention and crisis communication preparedness;
  • health advocacy and communications concerning treatments;
  • creation, storage, retrieval, and management of information resources in the service of the health professions.