Shravan Regret Iyer

Shravan Regret

Doctoral Student


Shravan Regret Iyer is a former Environment and Wildlife journalist from India. While pursuing MCIS degree from SC&I, Rutgers University, he was awarded the Smithsonian Scholarship; interned at the United Nations headquarters in New York; worked as a research assistant for the book titled 'Super Connected - Second edition' authored by SC&I's Mary Chayko, and also as a research assistant on various projects pertaining to Emerging Media such as AR, VR and 360° video at SC&I under the guidance of John Pavlik. 

In the past Iyer worked and reported stories from the rainforests of Madagascar in Africa, Himalayan mountain Kingdom of Bhutan, Eastern coast of Japan, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and the USA.

During his free time, he documents Wildlife, Wild Places and Human Journey as part of his life-long personal project (Project 3 Lenses) and has received appreciation from Dr. Jane Goodall and renowned Natural-History broadcaster Sir David Attenborough. 

Books, Research, Award and Honours on his personal website. 


Rutgers, SC&I
MCIS, Communication and Information Studies

Christ University, India
MAMCS, Master of Arts in Media and Communication Studies

Manipal University, India
BAJC , Journalism and Communication


Iyer's research interests are in studying the use of Emerging Media such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and 360° video in Environment, Wildlife & Climate Change reporting and storytelling.