Doctoral Student

Annex B Third floor

Alptug Okten is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Media Studies program at the School of Communication and Information. Okten’s research interests are social movement media, digital platforms, power, technology, activism, race, gender, sexuality and social class in the media. He studies activism and technology with a particular attention to politics of digital platforms. Okten is interested in the relationship between digital media and power dynamics in terms of production of knowledge and establishment of truth, especially how information is turned into action within a media ecology in which the capacity of action is produced. He received a Graduate Certificate from Women and Gender Studies at Rutgers University. 

In his M.A. study, Okten focused on the relations between social class and media, specifically on the construction of cultural, economic and social capital through TV Series. He teaches Gender, Race and Class in the Media and Introduction to Media classes in the Department of Journalism and Media Studies. Previously, he was a TA for Digital Media & Society, Development of Mass Media, and Musical Cultures and Industries classes in the Department of Journalism and Media Studies.


Koc University
M.A., Comparative Studies in History and Society

Marmara University
B.A., Economics