Game Production and Innovation Specialization

The Game Production and Innovation Specialization is no longer accepting students. However, the following courses continue to be offered to IT & Informatics students:

Are you passionate about gaming and game design? This specialization, designed for ITI majors, trains you to plan and design video games to address organizational and societal issues, including recreational gaming. In this specialization, you will develop competence in areas such as:

  • Game production
  • Game methodology and design
  • Animation and visual design
  • Management of game development teams and projects

Students who complete this specialization choose electives in complementary topics such as human-computer interaction, information visualization, web design and more.

Specialization Course Requirements

The ITI major is 39 credits, including 18 credits of requirements and 21 credits of electives. Of the electives credits, 18 will be for this specialization. To complete the ITI major, you must have a minimum 2.0 GPA and only courses completed with grades of C or better count toward completion of the ITI major.

Required Courses (9 credits):

Recommended Elective Courses (Select 3 courses / 9 credits):