Program Information

Our mission in the Master of Information program is to enable our graduates to make significant contributions to the social development and the quality of life of individuals by strengthening the links among people, libraries and information, and technology in the context of promoting the values and freedoms of a democratic society.

You can earn your degree in a traditional face-to-face classroom setting, entirely online, or with a combination of both delivery options. The same faculty teach and develop the courses offered no matter how you choose to put your program together.

Learning Goals

  • Analyze diverse communities in order to identify members’ needs that can be met through library/information services.
  • Provide educational and cultural materials and experiences for all your constituencies.
  • Offer services and information technology appropriate to contemporary communities.
  • Become proficient in designing systems and organizational structures that enable access to information and its use for meeting goals and solving problems.
  • Articulate to diverse constituencies the value, role, and transformational nature of information in the lives of individuals, groups, organizations, and society.
  • Understand how competency plays a role in organizational leadership and change.
  • Safeguard and make available the cultural, intellectual, and technological records of humankind.
  • Employ professional ethics and support the tenets of the profession.
  • Strive for success in finding a satisfying first position in the profession, and to have a breadth of perspective that will enable you to move within the profession, as the field and your own interests evolve.
  • Serve as a leader in the profession.
  • Continue your professional development, stay abreast of research, and base your practice on the best evidence.

Contact Information

For general inquiries and further information about the on-campus option, send us an email.

For general inquiries and further information about the online option, send us an email.

If you would like to explore both options, please send one email and copy both email addresses above.

For telephone inquiries about either option:


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