August 2021 - News Articles

Mobile Phone Use Mostly Discourages Interaction Between Parents and Young Children, Research Suggests

Findings based on a cross-cultural study lead researchers to conclude that intervention programs aimed at raising parents’ awareness of the potential negative outcomes of significant phone use during parent-child quality time are needed, said Associate Dean for Programs and study coauthor Dafna Lemish.

Jimi Gbadamosi ’16 Notes That SC&I Put Him on the Path to Success

While at Rutgers, Gbadamosi belonged to TWESE, the Organization for African Students and Friends of Africa at Rutgers, the ITI Council, and the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). Through his coursework at SC&I, he discovered that the ITI field enabled him to combine his love of technology with his people skills. Here he shares some of the wisdom he has learned along the way.