Research Events

November 8 & 9 INFOcon 2023

INFOcon 2023 is a free, multi-day, online conference for those interested in, studying in, or researching in the field of information science.

October 12-15, The Union for Democratic Communications Conference

The Union for Democratic Communications Steering Committee is thrilled to announce that our 2023 conference will be held in Philadelphia from October 12-15, 2023.  The conference will be hosted by the Media, Inequality, and Change (MIC) Center, a collaboration between the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication and Rutgers University’s School of Communication and Information.

April 21, Curating Hope: Early-Onset Cancer Communities on Social Media

Early-onset cancer patients and survivors have unique needs in comparison to their older counterparts and so often turn to social media to find others with similar experiences. This presentation reports on a study which used reflexive qualitative interviews to understand the unique needs of early-onset cancer patients and caregivers as they engage with digital communities related to their illness.

February 21, Writing and Reporting Towards a World Without Gender-Based Violence

This event marks the release of the timely and vital guide book Silence and Omissions: A Media Guide for Covering Gender-Based Violence.The book, written in consultation with over one hundred women journalists around the world, sets out a human-rights framework for reporting on gendered violence, as well as the importance of using a survivor-centered approach. It can be accessed digitally or in print.