Finances and Purchasing

Making Purchases

Supplies, equipment, travel, and other needs related to your position at Rutgers should be ordered through our purchasing system by asking staff to create a purchase order. This will prevent you from having to pay out-of-pocket and needing reimbursement.

Please see our purchasing guidelines written for SC&I faculty and staff. Related forms are:

Hiring Assistants

If you do need to hire someone to assist you, please complete the form below, allowing at least two weeks to process the hire. Please do not allow the person to begin working until the hire process has been completed

Travel And Business Expense Reimbursements

If you do need to make a purchase yourself, please read our helpful checklist for submitting expense reports. Be aware that the limit for reimbursement of incidental purchases is $500 (Amazon purchases are not reimbursable), with travel as an exception.

Before purchasing information technology with your own funds, please be aware of our school’s technology policy.

All requests for reimbursement or out-of-pocket travel and business expenses must comply with the Rutgers University Travel & Business Expense policy. Please review the full policy and the travel information website.

Current COVID travel regulations:

Travel expenses will NOT be reimbursed if the Travel Exception Request is not approved and attached to your Expense Report upon return from your trip. Please be sure to complete the appropriate DocuSign forms found at

To notify your delegate that there is an expense report for review, please complete the appropriate Purchase Request Form.


In accordance with university policies, please do not ask for reimbursement on items such as:

  • personal travel added onto a business trip
  • travel for your family when they accompany you on business trips
  • travel or purchases whose business purpose cannot be substantiated with documentation

The university policy states that “Employees who improperly submit and approvers who improperly authorize the use of university funds are subject to disciplinary action.”

A Note About International Travel

Whenever you travel outside of the U.S., you should register with the University so you will be able to access emergency medical care if you need it. Please visit the Faculty and Staff International Travel Registration website.