Information Technology and Informatics Major

The IT job market demands strong technical skills and insight into the social, economic, and organizational impacts of technology. Successful graduates of the ITI program are ready to identify challenges and propose solutions.

As an ITI major, you’ll develop practical computer-based competencies and unite those skills with ideas from the humanities and social sciences to develop the skills and mindset you need to solve problems where people and machines meet.

Ready to Get Started?

The ITI major admits undergraduates after they’ve completed at least 15 credits at Rutgers.

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Tailor the ITI to Your Interests

ITI majors complete four required courses, seven ITI electives, and a communication or media course—39 credits, total. Add a senior thesis or an experiential-learning course and apply your problem-solving or research skills to a real-world challenge.

Choose a Guided Pathway

ITI students typically follow one of the following guided pathways, consisting of four or five required courses and a list of recommended electives. Though it is not required, we strongly suggest that students explore, choose and follow a guided pathway.

Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

Cybersecurity and Information Assurance professionals protect and defend information and information systems by ensuring their availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation. Students following this guided pathway learn the technical fundamentals of databases and networks, and develop hands-on skills with the tools and techniques used to protect them.

Data Management, Analytics and Information Visualization

Data Management, Analytics, and Information Visualization (DMAIV) professionals turn data into knowledge. Students following this Guided Pathway learn the tools and techniques of retrieving, storing, and preparing data, and apply those skills to the analysis and visualization of information.

Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development professionals create interactive websites and web applications to support individual, organizational, and societal needs. Students following this guided pathway learn the tools and techniques of web design and development, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript; human-centered design; and networking and database technologies.

Video Game Production

Passionate about gaming and game design? ITI offers a degree specialization in video game production. The 18-credit course sequence provides students with the capability to plan and design video games to address organizational and societal issues, including recreational gaming.

Gain Real-World Experience with Internships

Once you’ve completed 24 ITI credits, put what you’ve learned to work in an internship. You’ll gain valuable work experience and earn an additional 3 credits toward your degree.

"I came into Rutgers as a Genetics major. After taking some classes, I figured out that cells were not my focus; people were. SC&I offered me so many connections, from engaging professors to challenging classes and tutoring opportunities. The greatest was getting to be a teaching assistant (TA) and do research.”

Josh Rochette, MI'18, ITI'17, Project Manager, Digital Oversight, Medidata Solutions

Combine Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees

Complete an ITI major and a Master of Information degree in just five years, saving time and money. Apply to take the IT & Informatics/Master of Information dual degree pathway after earning 90 credits and get a head start on your master’s during your senior year.