Undergraduate Programs

“SC&I prepared me for my career on so many levels. A degree in journalism helped me understand the profession. A degree in communication helped me learn more about my audience and how to reach them.”
Jorge Esteves, 1997 JMS and COM graduate and Emmy-winning journalist

Enhance Your Experience with a Minor

“Taking Gender, Race and Class in the Media was absolutely life changing. I gained the tools to consume and create media more consciously and the language to critique it. Today, my entire job is about doing this.”
—Kim Hoyos, 2018 JMS graduate and digital strategy coordinator for MTV

Mix a Major and a Master’s Degree

COM, JMS and ITI majors all offer dual-degree pathways that let you enroll in the Master of Communication and Media or Master of Information programs while completing your bachelor’s degree, saving time and tuition dollars.

Apply Once You’ve Started at Rutgers

SC&I admits Rutgers undergraduates who’ve earned at least 15 credits (or transfer students with 15 or more transfer credits). Applying for admission SC&I is the first step toward declaring a SC&I major—learn more about the admission process.