Bahareh Badiei


Doctoral Student



Bahar(eh) Badiei is a Ph.D. student in the Journalism and Media Studies Department. Her research interests include feminist media theory, dialectics of digital activism, and the MENA region. Her work, in particular, examines how transitional diasporic projects for and about Iranian women may simultaneously reproduce imperialist practices and contribute to neo-Orientalism while rupturing the violence of such agendas and opening spaces for genuine maneuvers of feminism. She seeks to produce public-facing knowledge that disturbs the simplified mediation of MENA region women. Before her immigration to the US, she completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Communication Studies in Iran and worked as a freelance journalist. In her second master’s degree in the US, her research focused on the ways in which the Muslim Ban influenced the possibility of transnational familyhood for US-based Iranian students. 


Western Michigan University
M.A., Communication

Allameh Tabataba'I University
M.A., Communication

University of Tehran
B.S., Social Communication Science