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Louise Barkhuus focuses her research on privacy practices in relation to mobile technologies by people in a wide set of user situations, from health informatics to location sharing among young adults. She particularly looks at how digital interactions affect people's sense of privacy. Using qualitative studies and quantitative analysis to unpack socio-technical problems, her research contributes to a better understanding on how to design privacy sensitive technologies.



The IT University of Copenhagen
PhD, Computer Science

The IT University of Copenhagen
M.Sc., Computer Science


Barkhuus’ current research focus on location-based services, in particular location sharing among individuals. More broadly she follows these research themes:

· Location sharing among young adults

· AI mediated information privacy

· Privacy practices in health tracking

· Design of usable and privacy sensitive applications

The aim of these research endeavors is to provide a deeper understanding of potential consequences and future directions of sociotechnical systems, particularly used in consumer and mobile contexts.

ORCHID ID 0000-0003-1306-249X

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Selected Publications

Barkhuus, L. (2022). "You have been in Close Contact with a Person Infected with COVID-19 and you may have been Infected": Understanding Privacy Concerns, Trust and Adoption in Mobile COVID-19 Tracing Across Four Countries. Proceedings of ACM Human-Computer Interact. 6, MobileHCI.

Barkhuus, L. (2018). Making the City My Own: Uses and Practices of Mobile Location Technologies for Exploration of a New City. Journal of Personal and Ubiqutous Computing.

Barkhuus, L. (2016). Acting with Technology: Rehearsing for Mixed-Media Live Performances. Proceedings of CHI 2016.

Barkhuus, L. (2016). Caring About Sharing: Couples' Practices in Single User Device Access. Proceedings of GROUP 2016.

Barkhuus, L. (2012).The Mismeasurement of Privacy: Using Contextual Integrity to Reconsider Privacy in HCI. Proceedings of CHI 2012.

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