Neal Bilow


Part-Time Faculty


Neal Bilow

Managing Partner

Chromata Solutions

With a deep understanding of business process management, Neal Bilow is best known for the leadership required to translate strategic business goals into technology solutions that work. His career reflects his skills in designing and implementing critical process improvements that organize and operate business video, metadata, and image assets, making content easy to find, monitor, and optimize.  Recognizing the professional staff and organizational constraints throughout technology projects is the cornerstone of his leadership roles.
As the Managing Partner of Chromata Solutions, he oversees projects that grow from more than 20 years of media/ entertainment/ technology experience. Chromata Solutions, with Bilow’s leadership, manages high-profile, high-stakes projects by identifying and removing critical path blockers, managing large and often matrixed project teams. He understands, communicates, and leverages positive relationships with multiple partners/vendors. Bilow's understanding of complex workflows that enable organizations to achieve their strategic goals ranges across multiple sectors including Media and Entertainment, Museums, Not-for-Profit, Retail, and Government.