Galina Bolden


Professor of Communication


191 College Avenue, Room 204

Galina Bolden is interested in examining how members of different cultural and language communities pursue mutual understanding and construct interpersonal relationships in and through social interaction. She uses the methodology of Conversation Analysis (CA) to conduct research on talk in Russian and English, as well as bilingual Russian-English conversations.


University of California, Los Angeles
Ph.D., Applied Linguistics

University of California, Los Angeles
M.A., Applied Linguistics

University of Minnesota
B.A., Linguistics


Galina Bolden’s scholarship addresses the question of how cultures are enacted in everyday interaction. She uses Conversation analysis to examine how participants enact and negotiate their cultural identities and personal relationships in and through talk-in-interaction. Her research explicates:

  • how participants in social interaction negotiate meaning across and within English- and Russian-language speaking communities;
  • how interpersonal relationships are enacted in culturally sensitive ways; and
  • how participants negotiate meaning in medical and mental health contexts.

Bolden is an author of over forty articles and book chapters, a co-author (with Alexa Hepburn) of Transcribing for Social Research (2017), co-editor (with John Heritage and Marja-Leena Sorjonen) of the book Responding to Polar Questions Across Languages and Contexts (2023), and she is currently co-authoring (with Jeffrey Robinson and Chase Raymond) two volumes, Turn-taking in Social interaction and Repair in Interaction.

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Selected Publications

Hepburn, A. and Bolden, G. (2017). Transcribing for Social Research. Sage: London.

Bolden, G. B., Hepburn, A., Potter, J., Zhan, K., Wei, W., Park, S. H., Shirokov, A., Chun, H. C., Kurlenkova, A., Licciardello, D., Caldwell, M., Mandelbaum, J., & Mikesell, L. (2022). Over- exposed self-correction: Practices for managing competence and morality. Research on Language & Social Interaction, 55(3), 203-221.

Bolden, G., Angell, B. & Hepburn, A. (2019). How clients solicit medication changes in psychiatry. Sociology of Health and Illness, 41(2), 411-426.

Bolden, G., Hepburn, A., & Potter, J. (2019). Subversive completions: Turn-taking resources for commandeering the recipient’s action in progress. Research on Language and Social Interaction, 52(2), 144-158.

Bolden, G. (2013). Unpacking “Self”: Repair and Epistemics in Conversation. Social Psychology Quarterly, 76(4), 314-342.

Awards & Recognitions

Outstanding recent publication award for the Language & Social Interaction division of the National Communication Association, 2018 for the article:
Bolden, G. (2014). Negotiating understanding in “intercultural moments” in immigrant family interactions. Communication Monographs, 81(2), 208-238.

Best Article Award for 2010-2013, 4th International Conference on Conversation Analysis, Los Angeles, CA, for Social Psychology Quarterly, Unpacking "self": Repair and epistemics in conversation

Distinguished Achievement in Teaching Award, Department of Communication, Rutgers School of Communication and Information, 2016

Distinguished Achievement in Research Award, Department of Communication, Rutgers School of Communication and Information, 2010

Dissertation of the Year Award, Language and Social Interaction Division of the National Association of Communication, 2006

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