Elizabeth (Liesl)

Doctoral Student


Liesl Broadbridge is a Ph.D. candidate in Health Communication and a Rutgers Presidential Fellow. Her research focuses on improving communication between patients and healthcare providers, with a particular interest in genetic counseling and cancer contexts. As a board-certified genetic counselor, her interest in health communication began in the clinic and this real-world experience continues to drive her research questions.




Johns Hopkins University and the National Institutes of Health
Sc.M., Genetic Counseling

University of Wisconsin-Madison
B.S., Biochemistry

Selected Publications

Broadbridge, E., Greene, K., Venetis, M. K., Lee, L. E., Banerjee, S. C., Buckley de Meritens, A., Catona, D. & Devine., K. A. (2023). The influence of perceived provider empathic communication on disclosure decision making. Health Communication. Advance online publication.

Broadbridge, E., Greene, K., Venetis, M. K., Lee, L. E., Banerjee, S. C., Saraiya, B., & Devine., K. A. (2023). Facilitating psychological adjustment for breast cancer patients through empathic communication and uncertainty reduction. Patient Education and Counseling, 114. Advance online publication.

Broadbridge, L., Lowe, C., & Dratch, L. (2022, January). What genetic counselors can teach the CDC about communicating uncertainty. STAT News.