Data Governance for Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Data Governance for Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Course Dates
Cohort 9: July 5 - 30, 2023
Cohort 10: October 2 - 29, 2023
Cohort 11: January 2 - 28, 2024

  • Why is governance important to my organization?
  • How should my organization govern the quality of our data?
  • What’s a great way to engage people across the enterprise to support governance needs to make sure our DAM is the best it can be?
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Digital assets are a form of "data." In this course, we cover how to manage Digital Asset Management (DAM) as a “data creator” from many perspectives, with the core understanding that all data needs to be governed. In DAM, data governance is an important component for managing and mitigating risk and ensures ongoing alignment with the overall business or organizational roles. We’ll cover master data management (MDM) as a cornerstone in understanding data facets and DAM’s role in archives, retention and records management, rights and intellectual property issues, and how to create and measure effective DAM governance through continuous improvement.


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