Rights for DAM (Digital Asset Management)

Rights for DAM (Digital Asset Management)
  • What are basic and advanced rights considerations that you need to consider for your DAM?
  • How well are you managing risks and compliance? How do you work effectively with your legal colleagues?
  • Does rights extend to metadata? Are you getting the most value out of the rights you have?
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Rights Management is both the gas and the governor that powers using digital assets. The proliferation of digital media, as well as mechanisms and markets to exploit it, has increased both the importance and complexity of rights management. The successful DAM implementation will moderate and simplify rights as best it can to inform effective and efficient digital asset management and usage. The more DAM and Rights work together, the easier it is to both maximize usage and avoid the risk of non-compliance. This course provides a foundational understanding of rights management concepts from all sectors as well as insights that build on other DAM related topics such as metadata, data governance, and integrations that power successful DAM implementations. Throughout the class we will emphasize risk reduction and explore many examples of what this means and how to accomplish this. Consideration will also be given to practical tools and techniques for simplifying the complex world of rights management to help facilitate DAM outcomes without burdening the DAM and its users.

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