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Applying ITI Skills at Apple Inc.: Jeevan Hubbard ‘20
A month after graduating from SC&I, Jeevan Hubbard ’20 explains how majoring in ITI and his side business repairing iphones led to his current position as a Technical Expert at Apple Inc.
Applying ITI Skills at Apple Inc.: Jeevan Hubbard ‘20

Apple Inc.’s electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and others have completely changed, and continue to change, the way people around the world use technology. As Apple’s Technical Expert, Jeevan Hubbard ‘20 has a deep understanding of the ways the technology works, and how to fix it when it doesn’t work. As a Technical Expert at Apple, Inc., Hubbard works on device repairs, troubleshoots solutions for products and programs, and takes appointments with consumers.

While today he is very successful, passionate about his work, and can trace his success to majoring in ITI as well as a side business, Hubbard’s experience at Rutgers shows it can take time for students to discover the right path for them.

When Hubbard arrived at Rutgers, he had no idea what career path he wanted to pursue. He first thought he wanted to work in public relations, and he considered focusing on that at SC&I as a Communication major. Although he liked his classes, he still had doubts if it was the right career for him.

As an undergrad, he also had a side job fixing iPhones, which began as a hobby when he was a sophomore. His interest in technology helped him realize that he wanted to switch to a major that would help him build technological skills.

When he was looking at the other options at Rutgers, such as computer science or electrical engineering, he still did not think those majors were a good fit for him due to the number of math classes he would have to take. This is when he found the Information Technology and Informatics major at SC&I and thought it was the perfect match.

“The major requires minimal math, but you still get the opportunity to code and take Web Design classes, which is what really drew me to ITI,” Hubbard said.

He says learning various computer programs—Python, HTML, CSS, and Java—and conducting group projects that helped him co-mingle with other people, are some of the skills he developed within the major that prepared him for his position at Apple, Inc.

As a result of his journey at Rutgers, he can offer great advice to current undergraduates who are undecided about the direction they want to take. Hubbard’s advice is to keep in touch with professors. He believes that faculty members at SC&I are always willing to help their students move forward through Rutgers and then help them land jobs offer after graduation.

He also suggests that students have a goal in mind. If they don’t have one, Hubbard says, they should ask for help. “Utilize all of SC&I’s resources. If you don’t know what you’re doing, go to Student Services. They will help you figure it out,” said Hubbard. “It sounds generic, but the most generic things hold the most truth to them.”

More information about majoring in Information Technology and Informatics at the Rutgers School of Communication and Information is on the website.

Image: Courtesy of Jeevan Hubbard ‘20


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