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Chirag Shah Named Chancellor’s Scholar
Shah will receive a $5,000 annual research grant for his outstanding work as an associate professor.
Chirag Shah Named Chancellor’s Scholar

Associate Professor Chirag Shah has been nominated and selected to be named a Rutgers New-Brunswick Chancellor’s Scholar, effective July 1, 2017. This award was created by the New Brunswick Strategic Plan to recognize outstanding scholars who are currently Rutgers University associate professors.

Prior to receiving this award, Shah didn’t know he was nominated for it. Although Dean Jonathan Potter and Associate Dean of Research (ADR) Mark Aakhus mentioned they were recommending him for some recognition, he did not know the details until he was selected as a Chancellor’s Scholar!

Shah said, “I’m honored to have received this prestigious award. There are many awards and incentives for pre-tenure faculty, but hardly anything for those with tenure. So it’s quite encouraging and humbling to have a recognition that speaks to my continual scholarship and future potential. This award also shows the faith that SC&I and Rutgers has put in me and their continual support for my scholarship. I’m deeply grateful for Dean Potter and ADR Aakhus for nominating me for this award, and for Chancellor Edwards’ office to bestow it to me.”

As a Chancellor’s Scholar, Shah will receive $5,000 every year for up to five years for research initiatives. Shah plans to use it on advancing his research agenda. This will include funding research projects, paying salaries to student assistants and purchasing equipment.

According to his website, Shah’s main focus of research connects computer science, data science and information science. He studies interactive information retrieval/seeking. He also directs the Center for Data Science and Social Systems (CDS3), InfoSeeking Lab and other projects at Rutgers.


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