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A Conversation with Allison Serido JMS’24: Digital Marketing Intern at Plump Cosmetics
“The comprehensive nature of my coursework [at SC&I] has not only expanded my interests but also enriched my skill set, positioning me as a strong candidate for a wide array of roles,” Serido said.
“The comprehensive nature of my coursework [at SC&I] has not only expanded my interests but also enriched my skill set, positioning me as a strong candidate for a wide array of roles,” Serido said.

Rising senior Allison Serido is an aspiring marketing and PR manager. Before her role at Plump Cosmetics, she interned at Sk*p and Speak2 Family. 

Serido is pursuing a dual-degree at SC&I, so she anticipates graduating in May 2024 with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media Studies and minors in Digital Communication, Information and Media (DCIM) and Gender and Media. She is also on track to earn a Master of Communication and Media (MCM) degree, with a specialization in Public Relations, in 2025. 

Serido describes her role at Plump Cosmetics, where her supervisor is Richelle Oslinker (SAS’15), a Rutgers alumna who majored in English with a minor in Entrepreneurship, is a Partner and Director of Operations at Plump Cosmetics.

SC&I: What work are you responsible for at Plump Cosmetics?

AS: As a dedicated Digital Marketing Intern, my role encompasses a wide range of crucial tasks. I actively contribute to content creation across various social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram, embodying the brand voice and executing compelling content ideas. Project management is also a key part of my responsibilities, organizing social media activations, promotions, and content schedules. Staying up-to-date with social media trends, I identify trending sounds and videos that align with our brand and drive engagement. Additionally, I engage in strategic projects, including reaching out to potential collaborators and curating influential figures for brand growth. Crafting visually appealing content and collaborating with the operations team to enhance efficiency are also vital aspects of my role. Lastly, I analyze client feedback to optimize the customer experience and contribute to the brand's accelerated growth.

SC&I: How has being a student at SC&I prepared you for this internship?

AS: As a student at SC&I, I have been equipped with the necessary preparation for both my future career and my current internship role. The diverse range of courses I have undertaken throughout my studies has played a pivotal role in shaping my capabilities. From multimedia editing to news writing, and from public relations to various other subjects, I have delved into an array of topics, each contributing to my breadth of knowledge. The comprehensive nature of my coursework has not only expanded my interests but also enriched my skill set, positioning me as a strong candidate for a wide array of roles. The exposure to diverse subject areas has honed my abilities and fostered versatility. This academic background has been instrumental in preparing me to make valuable contributions to my current internship and navigate the multifaceted demands of the industry.

SC&I: What do you like most about working at Plump Cosmetics?

AS: The internship I am fortunate to be a part of boasts an unparalleled working environment. It is not only the privilege of collaborating with Rutgers alumna Richelle Oslinker that makes it exceptional but also the presence of an incredibly supportive network comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds, educational paths, ages, and geographic origins. The convergence of these varied perspectives, encompassing medical expertise, specialized knowledge, personal interests, and accumulated wisdom, has proven invaluable in consistently producing engaging content that resonates with our audience and aligns with the brand's vision. Every member within the multiple office spaces exudes motivation, radiates support, and demonstrates an unwavering willingness to go above and beyond to assist me. Their selflessness in extending a helping hand, even for tasks outside their usual responsibilities, is a testament to their commitment to my own growth and success as an intern, which I am so grateful for. While I am privileged to have an incredible mentor named Anneka guiding my journey, each individual within the organization serves as a unique role model, offering inspiration in various aspects—a quality I deeply cherish about working in this environment.

SC&I:  What is one piece of advice you can offer to someone pursuing a career in journalism?

AS: An invaluable piece of advice I can offer to those pursuing a career in journalism is to avoid selling yourself short. Embrace risk-taking and be open to exploring classes and opportunities that may initially be outside your comfort zone. Remember that every experience holds a valuable learning aspect, and discovering what you don't enjoy is just as important as finding what truly ignites your passion. Be adventurous in selecting classes that pique your interest and remain adaptable to change. The field of journalism is vast and perpetually evolving, often leading you to unexpected opportunities that your past self might never have anticipated finding joy in. Stay open-minded and embrace the journey of self-discovery as you navigate this dynamic profession, the opportunities are endless.

Learn more about majoring in Journalism and Media Studies and minoring in Digital Communication, Information and Media (DCIM) or Gender and Mediaor pursuing a dual degree program at SC&I on the Rutgers School of Communication and Information website.

Photo: Courtesy of Allison Serido JMS’24


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