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Here's Survivin’ and Thrivin’ — the spring 2021 issue of Kairos
The JMS magazine of top undergraduate work

Here's Survivin’ and Thrivin’  the spring 2021 issue of Kairos, the JMS magazine of top undergraduate work.

Featuring stories about how we’re struggling, studying, and adapting.  

  • Katie Sun tells the story of an 85-year-old woman learning to shift from in-person to virtual socializing 
  • Addison Gallagher reports on a daycare center facing a financial crisis, as many parents keep their young children at home 
  • Sean Park interviews his jeweler father, on what it takes to sustain a small business during hard times 
  • Alison Alloco explains why GenZ loves audio storytelling 
  • Jade Stepeneasks whether podcasts can save remote learning 
  • Ethan Carpenter talks about how we go to gym class now 
  • Wallace Truesdale looks into what we love, and hate, about virtual study 
  • Jamie Corter reports on a virus-ravaged Broadway trying to find its future 
  • Ria Malatesta profiles a high school journalism teacher building a thriving side-business in creating fancy cakes
  • Laura Esposito discovers that sick talk can lead to eating sickness 

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