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Kairos, “What’s at Stake: How the elections will influence our future.”
JMS' magazine of undergraduate work
In "What's at Stake: How the elections will influence our future," students write about the new political activism of Gen Z;  the Trump campaign's challenges to New Jersey’s mail-in voting program; and about sex assault victims’ uncomfortable choice, between two presidential candidates who have both been accused of sexual misconduct.
Students also report on the precarious state of New Jersey restaurants, the precarious career prospects of culinary school graduates and, with more people buying their own exercise equipment and working out outdoors, the perhaps precarious prospects of gyms.  
These stories were reported and written by Laura Esposito, Chloe Tai, Meghan McCarty, Alex Lewis, Alan Lee and Melissa Adragna — all students in Professor D'Ambrosio's fall 2020 “Writing about Social Issues” class -- and chosen by the JMS faculty editorial board, of Juan Gonzáles, David Greenberg, Amy Jordan, Susan Keith, Regina Marchi, Todd Wolfson and Mary D'Ambrosio.
Students in this class learn to cover major national stories, from the widening gap between the rich and the poor, to battles over immigration, climate change and work — all in preparation for pursuing such complex stories as professional journalists. 
New activist Schneider Juste leads a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. Photo by Jonny Rossington
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