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Kristina DeRobertis JMS’22, News Reporter for WBOC, Reflects on JMS Degree
“I learned exactly what I do on the job every day.”

Kristina DeRobertis JMS’22 graduated from Rutgers SC&I with a B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies. After graduation, she moved to Dover, Delaware, to work as a news reporter for WBOC. Known as “Delmarva’s News Leader,” the station is an affiliate of CBS and a member of the Associated Press. Before taking this position, Kristina interned at SportsNet New York and worked on the production crew for Rutgers Athletics. In her off time, she enjoys running, writing, and crossword puzzles. She answered a few key questions about the JMS major with us.

SC&I: How did the Journalism and Media Studies major prepare you for your career?

KD: The JMS major prepared me more than I had even realized that it would. The classes and professors helped me with my news writing and news reporting skills. For example, in my Television Reporting class, I learned exactly what I do on the job every day: how to make packages, edit them, shoot B-roll, and more.

SC&I: Did you participate in any extracurricular activity that proved useful to you post-graduation?

KD: I joined the RVision crew in my senior year! They do the live video production for all Rutgers Athletics and their productions support all live streams events on B1G+. I wish that I joined sooner because they taught me so much in just the few months that I was working with them. I learned about directing shows, producing, and camerawork.

SC&I: If you could give one piece of advice to incoming JMS students, what would it be?

KD: Don't just take classes to get the grade or the GPA or the credit—take them to really learn something and truly immerse yourself in the journalism world. Take the classes seriously and treat them as if it's your job.

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