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Master Of Communication And Media, Alumna Profile
Bindi Saikia '17

Bindi Saikia '17 tells us about her time at SC&I and what she feels are the top 3 benefits of the MCM program.

Are you currently employed?
Yes, I have recently started working with a PR firm in New York City. My current role is an Account Coordinator and I work for clients in the higher education and non-profit sectors.

What do you think of the change from MCIS to MCM for the degree program?
Communications and media run parallel to each other, hence the name change to MCM is absolutely relevant, straightforward and not open to any vague interpretations. I believe the name change to MCM is easy to understand and more specialized.
How do you think the program has prepared you for your chosen profession?
The knowledge you gain during the two years is abundant, which definitely helps you forward in your career. During the program, you are encouraged to get experiences of the real world by doing internships in your area of interests. The internships definitely afford you to build your own network, learn the nuances of the profession and build relevant skill sets, which translates to attain proficiency.

What are the most important skills you learned from the program that make you more qualified in your field?
Making your own professional portfolio is a definite useful resource you will learn from the program, which can be further shared during the job hunting process. The portfolio not just showcases your professional experiences but also enables to express your creative side, which I believe is a perfect blend to create something more comprehensive and wholesome.  Also, task and time management are skills you will attain throughout the program.

What were the top 3 benefits of the program?
I believe the different tracks/specializations are a big attraction of the MCM program, as it enables students to choose a particular area of specialization based on their interests. The diversity of the faculty and students coming from different backgrounds with a wealth of knowledge is another key benefit of the program.

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