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MCIS Degree Changes Program Name
New Title for the Master of Communication and Information Studies (MCIS) Program to Reflect Today’s Evolving Communication and Media Landscape
MCIS Degree Changes Program Name to Master of Communication and Media.

For Immediate Release: Our MCIS Degree is Now the MCM Program!

Breaking news at the School of Communication and Information! We are officially changing the name of our Master of Communication and Information Studies (MCIS) to a Master of Communication and Media (MCM).

After months of research and review of our MCIS program and feedback from current students, alumni, and other related Masters programs, SC&I faculty and staff have chosen the MCM title to greater reflect the depth and breadth of our program and shed a greater light on the uniqueness within the degree structure. With exceptional faculty and prominent strengths in both our Communication and Journalism and Media Studies Departments, we feel this positive name change appropriately represents our program as we evolve with the industries and careers our students are pursuing.

As part of the change to the Master of Communication and Media, the MCM program is adding two new specializations for the Fall 2017 semester. One of the new programs is the MCM Public Relations specialization. Public Relations is one of the 10 fastest growing professions in the U.S. and government economists expect jobs for PR specialists to grow faster than average for all careers through 2020.

Richard Dool, Program Director, commented on the importance of the addition of this specialization, “Public Relations is a dynamic and growing profession and our program is positioned to offer a unique blend of theory and practice. Our faculty of world class researchers and senior PR professionals will give our students the PR perspectives and skills to differentiate their professional credentials.”

This MCM concentration is designed for public relations professionals to enhance their professional credentials and for those who wish to enter this fast growing and dynamic profession. The specialization explores the competencies needed to be an effective public relations practitioner in the dynamic, complex, and social media driven PR environment. Additionally, Rutgers is located conveniently in the public relations epicenter between New York City and Philadelphia.

In addition to the Public Relations specialization, the MCM program is also offering a new specialization in Leadership Communication. Leadership communication is ranked in the top leadership competencies in a study of more than 330,000 leaders.

Dool noted the focus on leadership skills in today’s workplace saying, “Leaders today must be adept in all main communication modalities – one to one, one to many, and in the various ‘e’ forms and it must be done at the speed of now. Our program is where leaders come to learn to communicate even more effectively.”

The MCM Leadership Communication specialization will help students enhance their strategic communication perspective while improving skills in speaking, listening, observing, questioning, reflecting, and writing. The program blends theory-informed, research-based study of the communication demands on leaders, with practical skills to effectively lead in this fast paced, complex organizational environment.  

Approximately nine percent of U.S. citizens have a master’s degree and it is the fastest growing career credential. Both specializations can be earned in 18-24 months, even while working. Sixty-five percent of current MCIS students work full-time.

To find out more about the MCM Public Relations Specialization or the MCM Leadership Communication Specialization, please visit the MCM concentration website


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