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Read it now! Spring 2020 edition of Kairos magazine
Featuring stories devoted to the COVID-19 crisis; to how Rutgers Dance Marathon funds are really spent; and to visual essays on food culture, and indigenous life

The Journalism and Media Department is proud to present the Spring 2020 edition of Kairos magazine.

In this issue featured stories include:

Shameen Abubakar reports on Pakistan’s unusual coronavirus coping strategy.

Natasha Lopez talks about undocumented immigrants’ terrifying dilemmas.

Natalia Senanayake tells the story of a day in the life of a quarantined teacher (her mom).

Sophia Nitkin looks into what's happened to musicians’ gigs (and livelihoods).

Delaney Rechenberg tries to let the ocean breeze carry away her fears.

Stories developed in Carol Cassidy’s, Leo Sachs' and Mary D'Ambrosi's classes. 

Many of you dance for, and contribute to, the annual Rutgers Dance Marathon, meant to raise funds for the families of children with cancer. In a shocking story, Cameron Foster, Alex Fabugais-Inaba, Shannon McIntyre and Jorge Delgado of the Rutgers investigative reporting team, led by Juan Gonzalez, discovered that only about a quarter of these funds are donated to families — while the largest financial contributions go to cancer research, to an endowed chair and to staff salaries and overhead.  Please explore these articles:

Photojournalism student Mannal Babar visited a wildly popular international food market in Queens, New York, and documented life there, while other students in Nat Clymer’s photojournalism class chronicled the lives of the Ramapough Lenape, in Mahwah.

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Image: Courtesy of Mary D'Ambrosio 

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