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SC&I Faculty and Students Recognized at NCA Annual Convention
SC&I attendees and participants at the NCA Conference in November, 2016.

SC&I professors and doctoral students attended the National Communication Association’s (NCA) Annual Convention in Philadelphia on Nov. 10-13. At the convention, SC&I held a well-attended reception, participated in the graduate school open house, and conducted 12 preliminary job interviews at this year’s conference in Philadelphia. Additionally, nearly 35 SC&I faculty and students presented their research at the conference.

“By all indications, this was another very successful conference for us,” said Communication Department Chair Craig Scott. “We were quite visible in terms of research presentations made, award winners, association leadership, and various events where Rutgers had a clear presence.”

Scott went on to say that SC&I’s visibility was due to many people.

“I would especially note the work of Galina Bolden and Rick Dool for the Graduate School Open House and program assistants Katie Kang and Deb Yoon for all their work in making the open house and department reception such a success,” he said.

Below are the faculty and doctoral students who won awards:

Steve Garwood and Nick Linardopoulos - Top Papers of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning division
“Student Use of Captions When Using Lecture Recordings for Studying and Learning in the Basic Communication Course”

Sarah-Rose Marcus - Top Papers in Human Communication and Technology
Co-advised by Vikki Katz and Jeff Lane
“’Swipe Swipe Swipe’: Mapping out the Affordances of Mobile Dating Apps”

Craig Scott – Awarded Best Special Issue for his role as guest editor of the special issue on Hidden Organizations in Management Communication Quarterly from the Applied Communication Division

Jen Theiss - Top 4 Papers in Interpersonal Communication
Co-author of “Relational Turbulence Theory: Explaining Variation in Subjective Experiences within Romantic Relationships”

SC&I faculty were also active in NCA leadership:

Galina Bolden served as Vice Chair and program planner for the Language and Social Interaction Division. Marya Doerfel was elected vice-chair of the Organizational Communication Division. Kathryn Greene was on a panel for the association’s Research Board about getting grants for funded research.

Laurie Lewis and Jen Theiss were among those serving on the association’s Legislative Assembly. Theiss also served on NCA’s Committee on Committees.



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