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Sonia Noemi Salmeron credits her new job to the PDS certificate classes she took at SC&I
Each skill learned through the Business Managerial & Communication program has allowed me to be more efficient, productive, and confident.
gate at Rutgers University

SC&I's Professional Development Studies offers young professionals, new managers, or experienced executives a wide array of continuing education programs that helps enhance skills that lead to success in any career setting.

We were thrilled to meet Sonia Noemi Salmeron, Business Managerial & Communication certificate, and hear her story. 

What drew you to the Professional Development Studies program?   

In April 2018, I was attending a job fair by the Unemployment Department in Somerville, New Jersey.  After meeting Ronald Douglas, I revised my application to the One-Stop Career Center to learn more about the PDS program and options available for me. 

Why did you want to take the Business Managerial & Communication certificate program?   

I wanted to gain more knowledge and add more skills to my professional and educational career. 

Were you working while going through the program?  

Through the program, I continued searching for work after several declined opportunities. On January 6, 2020, I began to work for ES Sutton.   

What skills were you able to take from the PDS courses and applied to your current career?    

Each module supplies valuable information. For example,   

  • Business and Organizational Writing, Danielle Heuer teaches us the importance to value the three RRR skills. Who is the Reader?  What is Reason?  and Relevance.   
  • Effective Managerial Communication, Joann Presbrey shares the story of "The Beekeepers and Their Bees" and from that, I learned to value each team member and their roles. Also, the importance of a leader not to lose sight and keep a healthy environment. 
  • Interpersonal Communication, Danielle Heuer shares an amazing story by Richard Bronson, Ceo of Virgin Atlantic as he invites us to be a more active listener leader and the benefits earned by creativity, persuasion, and adaptability. 
  • Dynamics of Effective Teams, on this module Scott Baird Hebert explains Bruce Tuckman’s skills of Formation, Norming, Storming and Performing. 
  • Effective Speaking and Body Language, Christine Dunham shares Sylvia Hewlett author of "Executive Presence" the benefit of gravitas (How you act?) communication (How I speak?) and appearance (How I look?) to build confidence to perform. 
  • Strategic Communication Planning, Leo Bottary shares "The Wolves Change the River" story teaching us how to create a strategic plan of communication.   

Each skill learned through the Business Managerial & Communication certificate program has allowed me to be more efficient, productive, and confident to deliver my responsibilities as an individual and as a team member.   

Do you have any advice for any young professional, new manager, or experienced executive considering taking the program?   

The program teaches any leader, new manager, young professional, or experienced executive to value their leadership role more. In addition, the program builds confidence through the selection of qualified mentors. I love the availability and credibility offered through each module and the dynamics of each class. It also works as a network program. The program also involves other types of activities that help us define and clarify our purpose and it challenges us to excel and build a legacy. It is a date between you and your inner self.  

How has the Business and Managerial Communication certificate helped you effectively communicate with fellow employees or bosses?  

During my most recent job interview, I felt confident and it showed; the company hired me the same day. Once I started working, I ended my training before their expectation and feel that I have been part of the company for a long time. I have been able to answer my superior or ask questions when I need to clarify any task.  

Business Managerial & Certificate Program has allowed me to organize my personal goals and I am currently working to open and small businesses to help others through the community. 

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