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Winter 2024 edition of Kairos is now live!
Journalism and Media Studies magazine of top undergraduate work.

The Winter edition of Karios is now live! The theme “Belonging in America,” features stories about a Syrian refugee family’s efforts to resettle in New Jersey; post-Soviet children's struggles to temper their emigrant parents’ high expectations for them; and how south Asian women, who historically acquired wealth by buying gold, have carried this tradition to the United States. 

Regina Marchi’s students developed important stories from their international travels, “Reporting from Italy,” and “Reporting from Ireland.” The students wrote about activism and feminism in Bologna and, in Ireland, efforts to revive Gaelic. 

JMS student Caroline Jamie wrote about Latina women citing the lack of language as a barrier to better salaries.

Congratulations to all of the student contributors, and warm thanks to their professors, and the Kairos' editorial board. The board is comprised of Amy Jordan, David Greenberg, David Love, Regina Marchi, and Todd Wolfson.


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