Award-Winning Filmmaker and SC&I Alum Zack Morrison ’14 On Making the Most of SC&I and Rutgers: “Do everything all the time. Be everywhere all at once.”

From access to camera equipment through RUtv, to his favorite courses, to his Viacom internship at MTV, to screening two of his films at Cannes, in part two of our conversation with Morrison, he explains how he made the most of his time on the banks – and how it led directly to his MFA at Columbia and his success as a filmmaker.

Itzhak Yanovitzky Receives Grant for Research Aimed at Increasing Access to Depression Screening and Treatment for Adolescents

The grant, from the William T. Grant Foundation, will support Yanovitzky’s collaborative project intended to stimulate greater engagement of policymakers in New Jersey and beyond with research that can support sound policies that will increase access to depression screening for all adolescents and connect them with adequate treatment as necessary.

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