Britt Paris


Assistant Professor of Library and Information Science


Alexander Library 408A

Britt S. Paris is a critical informatics scholar using methods from discourse analysis and qualitative social science to study how groups build, use, and understand information systems according to their values, and how these systems influence evidentiary standards and political action.  


University of California - Los Angeles
PhD, Information Studies

The New School
MA, Media Studies


Paris' research and teaching emphasize the following themes:

  • Interrogating contemporary discourse and practice around using data-driven technology to solve growing social, political, and environmental problems.
  • Uncovering ethical and aesthetic assumptions built into Internet infrastructure.
  • Understanding the labor, economics, and systems of power that undergird today’s information and communication landscape.
  • Collaborative, cooperative information systems design.

These streams of research focus on developing a broader understanding of the social, political, economic, and historical forces that have shaped our current information and communication environment to allow us to envision new technological systems that might better support the future we want.

Centers, Labs, Working Groups, and Clusters

Selected Publications

Pierre, J., Crooks, R., Currie, M., Paris, B., & Pasquetto, I. (2021). “Getting Ourselves Together: Epistemic Burden and Data-centered Participatory Design Research”, ACM, CHI 2021, Yokohama, Japan. 

Paris, B. (2021). “Time Constructs: Values in a Future Internet”, Time & Society 30(1). 

Paris, B. (2020). The Internet of Futures Past: Values Trajectories of Networking Protocol Projects. Science, Technology, & Human Values, 46(5). 

Paris, B. and Donovan, J. (2019). Deepfakes & Cheap Fakes: The Manipulation of Audio and Visual Evidence. Data & Society Research Institute. 

Currie, M., Paris, B., Pasquetto, I. V., and Pierre, J. (August, 2016). The Conundrum of Police Officer-Involved Homicides: Counter-Data in Los Angeles County. Special Issue on Critical Data Studies, Big Data & Society 3(2).

Research Keywords