Marie L. Radford

Marie L.

Professor of Library and Information Science


SDW 206

Marie L. Radford is an interdisciplinary scholar with interests in the library and information field, interpersonal communication, and cultural studies. She is a researcher and consultant in qualitative assessment of library services and programs.


Rutgers University
Ph.D., Communication

Syracuse University
M.S.L.S., Library and Information Science

The College of New Jersey
B.A., English Language and Literature


Marie L. Radford's research focus is on qualitative research, communication within virtual and traditional library contexts, and postmodern approaches to media stereotypes of librarians/libraries. Radford's forthcoming book, Conducting the Reference Interview, 3rd ed., NY: ALA Editions/Neal-Schuman, is authored with Catherine Sheldrick Ross and Kirsti Nilsen. Her latest books are: "Library Conversations: Reclaiming Interpersonal Communication Theory for Understanding Professional Encounters," co-authored with Gary Radford (2017, ALA/Neal Schuman) and "Research Methods in Library and Information Science," co-authored with Lynn Silipigni Connaway (2017, Libraries Unlimited). She received the 2010 ALA/RUSA Mudge Award for distinguished contributions to reference. 

Radford gives frequent keynote speeches and scholarly papers at national and international library and communication conferences and publishes widely in LIS journals. She is active in both library and communication organizations, including:

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Current Projects

Co-director, with Ross J. Todd, for Libraries in the Digital Age (LIDA) conference to be held in Zadar, Croatia, June 13-15, 2018,

Ross, C. S., Nilsen, K., & Radford, M. L. (forthcoming, 2018). Conducting the Reference Interview, 3rd ed., NY: ALA Editions/Neal-Schuman.

Radford, M. L., Connaway, L. S., Kitzie, V., Floegel, D., Radford, G. P., & Chayko, M. (2018). Creating and Cultivating a Scholarly Identity within Digital Worlds. Panel submitted for possible presentation to a scholarly conference.  Research project underway to explore needs of faculty and doctoral students in creating and managing scholarly identity, and how services provided by academic librarians could help with these endeavors.

Radford, M. L., Kitzie, V., Floegel, D., Connaway, L. S., & Mikitish, S. Investigating and mitigating microaggressions: Supporting professional practice for inclusive information services.  Paper  under revision. Research project underway to explore instances of microaggressions in reference interactions, virtual reference transcript analysis completed, focus group interviews with members of marginalized populations to come.

Radford, G.P., Radford, M. L, & Lingle, J. Transformative Spaces: The Library as Panopticon. Submitted for possible presentation to scholarly conference.

Selected Publications

Radford, M. L. & Radford G. P. (2017). Library Conversations: Applying Interpersonal Communication Theory in Face-to-Face and Virtual Contexts. Chicago: ALA Editions. 

Connaway, L.S. & Radford, M. L. (2017). Research Methods in Library and Information Science, 6th Ed., Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited.

Singh, V. K., Radford, M. L., Huang, Q., & Furrer, S. (2017). They basically like destroyed the school one day: On Newer App Features and Cyberbullying in Schools. Proceedings of the 2017 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (pp. 1210-1216). ACM.

Radford, M. L., Connaway, L. S., Mikitish, S., Alpert, M., Shah, C. & Cooke, N. (2017). Shared values, new vision: Collaboration and communities of practice in virtual reference and SQA. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 68(2), 438-450.  DOI: 10.1002/asi.23668

Radford, G. P., Radford, M. L., & Alpert, M. (2015). Slavoj Žižek, Rex Libris and the traumatic real: Representations of the library and the librarian in a modern comic book series. Journal of Documentation. 71(6), 1265-1288.

Awards & Recognitions

2013 ALISE/Bohdan S. Wynar Research Paper Award, for: Radford, M. L. & Connaway, L. S. "Not dead yet! A longitudinal study of query type and ready reference accuracy in live chat and IM reference." [Published, Jan., 2013, in Library & Information Science

2011 RUSA Reference Service Press Award for Radford, M. L., Connaway, L. S., Confer, P., Sabolsci-Boros, S., & Kwon, H. (spring 2011). "'Are we getting warmer?' Query clarification in live chat virtual reference." Reference & User Services Quarterly 50(3)

Isadore Gilbert Mudge Award for distinguished contributions to reference librarianship given by the American Library Association, Reference and User Services Association, 2010