Dajung (DJ)

Assistant Professor of Communication


CI 205

DaJung (DJ) Woo researches and teaches about organizational communication. Her scholarship focuses on the intersections of organizational socialization/assimilationcross-boundary collaboration, and expertise sharingBy connecting these key areas of communication studies, her work generates innovative insights about how individuals find meaning in their work; manage collaborative relationships in and outside of organizations; and tackle complex social problems. She joined the Rutgers Communication faculty in 2020 after serving as an assistant professor of communication at the University of Tennessee for three years. Woo is an active member of the International and National Communication Associations (ICA, NCA) and is the Rutgers Chapter Advisor of Lambda Pi Eta, the official honor society of NCA. 


University of California, Santa Barbara
Ph.D., Communication

Kansas State University
M.A., Communication

Ewha Womans University
B.A., English


Woo is interested in how communication enables collaboration and membership negotiation within and/or between organizations. Working successfully with people from different backgrounds (e.g., occupational, organizational, or generational) is increasingly important; yet, our decision or ability to work across the boundaries is not necessarily inevitable or inherent. Thus, her research aims to understand how people engage in communication behaviors, such as expertise sharing and identity work, in order to manage the process of joining, sustaining participation in, and/or leaving collaborative work environments. As a field researcher, Woo collects data through directly engaging with organizations and their members (e.g., interviews and participant observations) to gain a grounded understanding of communication practices.

Centers, Labs, Working Groups, and Clusters

Selected Publications

Woo, D., & Myers, K. K. (2020). Organizational membership negotiation of boundary spanners: Becoming a competent jack of all trades and master of...interactional expertise. Management Communication Quarterly, 34(1), 85-120. doi:10.1177/0893318919887371

Woo, D. (2019). Exit strategies in interorganizational collaboration: Setting the stage for re-entry. Communication Research. Advance online publication. doi:10.1177/0093650219851418

Woo, D. (2019). Reconceptualizing interorganizational collaborations as tensile structures: Implications of conveners’ proactive tension management. Communication Monographs, 86(2), 158-183. doi:10.1080/03637751.2018.1526389

Woo, D., & Leonardi, P. M. (2018). Breaking into collaboration: Communicative strategies for gaining entry when you are not invited. Journal of Communication, 68(6), 1127-1154. doi:10.1093/joc/jqy052

Woo, D., Putnam, L. L. & Riforgiate, S. (2017). Identity work and tensions in organizational internships: A comparative analysis. Western Journal of Communication, 81(5), 560-581. doi:10.1080/10570314.2017.1312510

Awards & Recognitions

2019 Article of the Year Award, Organizational Communication Division, National Communication Association

2019 Most Outstanding Faculty Award, School of Communication Studies, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

2018 Gerald R. Miller Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award, National Communication Association

2018 Gerardine DeSanctis Dissertation Award, Organizational Communication and Information Systems Division, Academy of Management

2014 Top Paper Award, Organizational Communication Division, International Communication Association

Research Keywords