March 2022 - News Articles

Standing Strong Against Censorship

Award-winning alumna and school librarian Martha Hickson MLIS’05 RC’82, who was targeted during a book-banning protest held by a group of North Hunterdon High School parents last fall, discusses the insights she gained during the experience, the power of books, those who suffer the most from censorship, and the reasons she still loves her job.

Camel Racing and Holographic Selfies: Exploring Qatar’s Use of New Media for the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Qatar is the first Arab nation to host the World Cup, and the country is taking the opportunity to promote not only the prestigious worldwide event, but also their national brand. A study of the ways they are using Experiential Media to tell these promotional stories provides a living laboratory for SC&I scholars exploring EM.

Tawfiq Ammari Named Recipient of the “2022 AI 2000 Most Influential Scholar Honorable Mention in Human-Computer Interaction”

Ammari, an assistant professor of Library and Information Science, received the award for “his outstanding and vibrant contributions to this field.” The awarding organization, AMiner Scholar, wrote, “The 2022 winners are among the most-impactful scholars from the top venues of their respective subject fields between 2012 and 2021.”

CAPturing MCM

If you are a current or former communications college student, you have likely written your share of bibliographies -  the lists of works you referred to in a paper. The next step in the capstone process is the completion of an Annotated Bibliography, which goes beyond its simpler counterpart to incorporate details about each of the entries listed.

CAPturing MCM

During the capstone process, you are busy doing a ton of academic reading to become a subject matter expert on your topic. But it takes more than just a random collection of data to put together a well-structured, compelling capstone. By having you put together an outline early in the process, it will instill within you a feel for how the various pieces fit together.