April 2022 - News Articles

CAPturing MCM

Here we are, at the culmination of several weeks of effort... *Drum roll, please* The all-important first draft! This is the deliverable that, if you've been following the series, we have been working towards from the start.

NBC 4 Meteorologist Violeta Yas JMS’07: “Communicating Succinctly Starts with Strong Writing”

Violeta Yas JMS‘07, recently joined Storm Team 4 as a meteorologist at NBC 4 New York. Previously, she was the chief meteorologist at Telemundo62 in Philadelphia. Read our Q&A with her to learn about her exciting career, how she uses the education she received at SC&I every day on the job, and the children’s book about meteorology she translated into Spanish.

Values-Based Crisis Leadership is Paramount for Institutions of Higher Education, New Research Asserts

Higher education is by nature an environment that is vulnerable to crisis and at the same time is a setting that makes clear the importance and effectiveness of values-based crisis leadership, according to a new study by Part-Time Faculty Member Ralph Gigliotti Ph.D.’17, who is director of the Rutgers Center for Organizational Leadership.

Meet MaryLynn Suchan JMS’10: Executive Assistant to Krista Vernoff of "Grey’s Anatomy," and Station 19 Actor, Writer, and Producer

Suchan, who landed a role as a guest star on "Grey’s Anatomy", discusses the most motivating aspects of her career as an actress and as the Executive Assistant to the showrunner of ABC’s "Grey’s Anatomy" & "Station 19," and how the education she received at SC&I has helped her succeed.