Effective Managerial Communication Skills

Effective Managerial Communication

Course Instructor
Joann Presbrey

  • Do you want to attract and retain talented employees?
  • How would you confront your CEO or boss if their course of action was unethical?
  • Can you properly navigate situational "grey areas" that don't have an obvious ethical/unethical direction?
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Joann Presbrey
                       Joann Presbrey

From inducting a new staff member to providing performance feedback, communication matters. Employees want to feel a real connection to their boss and want to feel enthusiastic and engaged in their work. Employees who don’t know what’s expected of them can’t possibly perform to their potential.

In this course, you will learn the major communication touch points a manager would need to be successful throughout various stages of an employee’s lifecycle. This begins right from the start with hiring and onboarding employees, through setting and managing performance goals, to engaging employees so you can retain them.

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