Professional Development Studies

Welcome to Professional Development Studies (PDS) at the School of Communication and Information (SC&I). Whether you are a young professional, new manager, or experienced executive you will find a wide array of continuing education programs that will help you enhance your skills and succeed in your career.

PDS offers three non-credit professional online certificate programs:

  • Business and Managerial Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • And PDS is currently developing a certificate in Health Communication and Information

To earn your certificate, you must complete six courses. You can start our programs with any course in any month. The course schedule loops so that you can complete the program in six months no matter which month you start in.  You are also welcome to take stand-alone courses that meet your career development needs.

PDS certificates and courses are:

  • 100% online 
  • Four weeks long
  • Instructor-led and self-paced
  • Immediately applicable to your career

PDS Current Classes

Our Interpersonal Communications course prepares students for more effective communication interactions. Using an assessment tool during the first week, students determine their preferred style and the characteristics of other styles. Most importantly, students learn the key to communication success - flexing one's style. Through listening techniques, strategies for conveying assertiveness, and tips for matching nonverbal communication to the message, learners develop their communication style approaches for greater success.

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Companies today cannot afford to view social media through a traditional lens or with only tactical methods. Their approach must be strategic and include customized stories and meaningful content to share through new media channels. Stakeholders want direct engagement and to actively take part in conversations and collaboration with their favorite brands. Participants will learn how the approach to public relations and communications has changed, beginning with incorporating social media into the public relations planning process.

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Metadata: it’s everywhere! The better a digital object is described, the better our search and reporting results are. This course provides the foundational insights into the various types of metadata available for inclusion in a Digital Asset Management system (DAM). Learn core ideas and processes ofhow industry and metadata standards work in a dynamic world. Along with the basic principles of metadata, we’ll explore best practices of how DAM systems can keep up with the changing terminology and the meaning of language.

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