Financial Aid Information

Graduate Students In Need Of Financial Support

Doctoral Students Only

Teaching and Graduate Assistantships are available to highly qualified students. In most cases, students applying by January 5th are considered automatically for these positions as part of the admissions process. The assistantships come with salary and benefits including health benefits and tuition and fee remission. The school also has some scholarships for students further along in their doctoral studies. All awards are highly competitive.

Rutgers and SC&I also provide travel grants and assistance to doctoral students presenting scholarships at scholarly conferences regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Doctoral and Masters Students

The school awards its limited scholarship funding to both incoming new students and continuing students. All awards are highly competitive. Information about scholarships we offer is available on our website.

Other ways that graduate students help fund their studies include:

  • Each semester SC&I hires dozens of graduate students as graders and instructional assistants to help faculty teach larger undergraduate classes.
  • Graduate students who have professional experience and another graduate degree may be hired as adjuncts (called part-time lecturers at Rutgers) to teach undergraduate classes at Rutgers, or at one of the many nearby community colleges.
  • Faculty who have support or grant funds hire graduate students on an hourly basis to assist with their research.
  • Rutgers University hires graduate students to serve as Resident Assistants living in dorms. Information is on the Residence Life website.
  • Rutgers is home to initiatives such as learning communities, institutes, and research centers, many of whom hire students hourly.
  • Finally, Rutgers has thousands of staff positions that include tuition-remission among their benefits. To search for staff positions, please check the Rutgers jobs board. Rutgers offers the Chaser Resource Center for Graduate Student External Support. Chaser helps graduate students at Rutgers receive more than $2 million annually from a variety of funders outside Rutgers. Non-Rutgers organizations such as foundations and associations have a wide range of graduate student support in specific disciplines or fields of interest. Those who are eligible for need-based financial aid should contact the Rutgers Office of Graduate Professional Admissions for additional information. Most aid at the graduate level is in the form of loans.