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Gain the Confidence to Be a Leader in DAM
Jennifer Deauville, Senior Global Digital Asset Manager at NVIDIA, credits the DAM Certificate Program for helping her gain the confidence she needs to lead digital asset management at the company.
Jennifer Deauville, Senior Global Digital Asset Manager at NVIDIA, credits the DAM Certificate Program for helping her gain the confidence she needs to lead digital asset management at the company.

During the last 15 years, Jennifer Deauville has worked in various roles for NVIDIA. Based in Silicon Valley, NVIDIA is the world’s leader in accelerated computing — a supercharged form of computing at the intersection of graphics, high-performance computing and AI — which is reshaping transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. 

In 2018, Deauville took on the role of Global Digital Asset Manager. Among her many accomplishments in this role, Deauville implemented a new Digital Asset Management system for NVIDIA’s global marketing teams. She set up a new metadata schema for the entire company, roles, user groups, security, and permissions. She also created a process and workflow for all assets going into the DAM.

Recently, Deauville decided to give her career an added boost by enrolling in the Digital Asset Management Certificate Program. How did she benefit from taking the program? Deauville said, “These courses gave me a deeper understanding of the digital asset landscape, the different types of users, programs, and integrations, and how nothing in the digital world ever stays the same. It’s given me confidence to be a leader in my digital asset management role. I look forward to building out our DAM to keep improving over time.”

Read our Q&A below with Deauville to learn more about how she applies the knowledge and skills she gained through the program, her favorite course, and her advice for prospective DAM certificate students. 

How did you learn about the DAM Certificate Program?

After winning the “Best DAM Contest” at the Widen Summit in October of 2020, I wanted to learn more about digital asset management. One of the raffle prizes at the Widen Summit was a session for the Rutgers University Digital Asset Management course. I researched what that was and once I saw the full program, I decided to apply for the program.

Did you have a favorite course?

I really enjoyed the Creative Operations and Everyday Workflow class the most. I work closely with the Creative Operations group at my organization. It gave me a better understanding of their roles, the changing landscape of content in a fast- paced organization and ways to pivot with those changes as needed.

In general, how are you applying what you learned in the program?

The one thing I learned from each class in the program is that the DAM is always changing and evolving. I’m always looking for ways to improve a process, make life easier for my users with short-cuts or automated tagging. The DAM will never be a ‘finished’ product. I’ve been updating all our training materials, training videos and new ways to improve the user experience.

Do you have any advice for anyone at all career levels who are considering taking the DAM certificate?

I think the courses are geared towards all different levels of experience; however, for me, it really helped to have a background in managing and being an Admin in a digital asset management system.

Did you enjoy the program’s online format?

I really did enjoy the online format because it gave me a chance to set aside a schedule that worked best for me each week. Over the six months, I had my own set schedule on when I’d listen to the lecture, take notes, do the readings, and then tackle the homework. Time management for the online course is important. There’s a lot to learn, participate in and write about each week.

Discover more about the Digital Asset Management Certificate Program offered by the Professional Development Studies at the Rutgers School of Communication and Information on the website

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