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Meet Elizabeth Matusiak: Vice President of the GSA
Meet Elizabeth Matusiak: Vice President of the GSA

Are you a student in SC&I’s Master of Communication and Media Program (MCM) interested in networking and attending events with your classmates? The Graduate Student Association is here to help.

The Master of Communication and Media (MCM) Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a student organization that fills the gap between the students in the program and the professors/staff.

GSA brings any student concerns and ideas to improve the program to SC&I on behalf of the students. The MCM GSA also works together to plan various events during each semester and really encourages students to get involved as much as possible.

Networking is a big part of success at SC&I, and the GSA works hard to provide students with the opportunity to network as often as possible.

The interview below is with Elizabeth Matusiak, Vice President of the GSA, and Acting HR Consultant for University Human Resources (UHR) at Rutgers.

This is the second of two interviews with GSA members, designed to introduce MCM students to the GSA and the benefits of GSA membership. The first interview is with GCA President Joyce Kukuch.

Q&A with Elizabeth Matusiak

Why did you choose to be a student in the MCM program?

Communication is a field that greatly interests me, my undergraduate degree was also in  Communication. In my current professional role at UHR, the importance of communication is evident in everything that I do, since my job is to safeguard the University by upholding University policies, State and Federal laws.

 What do you see yourself doing once you are done? How do you think this degree will help in the future?

While I work currently in HR, I am unsure if that is the field I want to remain in, having a Master’s in Communication I feel will help me regardless of whether I stay in HR or change fields because it is an important aspect of all organizations and the strategic skills I learn through the program will be transferable.

 What opportunities have you found to be the most helpful here at SC&I and part of the MCM program?

Having a GSA is a great opportunity for students to network, as well as have peers that they can come to if they are having an issue or would like to suggest changes to the program, as well as a means to afford students professional growth.

 What is your position in the MCM Graduate Student Association? Why did you choose to serve as an officer on the MCM Graduate Student Association?

I am Vice President, I decided to join because I wanted to get involved and get the most out of this experience.

 What are your personal goals you wish to achieve by being an officer?

Goals are to network and connect with other MCM students as well as organize programs that meet the needs of the students personally and professionally.

 What message would you like to get out to the students about this organization and the work it seeks to do?

Talk to us! Tell us the kinds of things you would like to see and that you would want to participate in, we would love your input!



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