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SC&I Faculty, Students and Alumni Head to Vancouver for ASIS&T Annual Meeting
Latest advances in information science to be explored
gate at Rutgers University

SC&I faculty, staff and alumni will be presenting and participating at the 2018 Association for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T) Annual Meeting in Vancouver, Canada. Being held from Saturday, November 10 through Wednesday, November 14, this year’s theme is “Building and Sustaining an Ethical Future with Emerging Technology,” which focuses on the latest developments in information science and explores new research findings, approaches, and opportunities to be utilized in both academic and applied practice settings.

SC&I will be hosting a reception on Monday, November 12, from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. in the Plaza A Ballroom on the 2nd Floor at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver.

Award recipients at this year’s meeting include Assistant Professor of Library and Information Science Kaitlin Costello and doctoral student Manasa Rath.

According to the ASIS&T website, the annual conference “has a rich history of providing the ‘latest and greatest’ developments; together, we can find solutions, and make a difference in our workplace and through research. There will be new special events, pre and post conference workshops, and informative sessions on popular topics. The schedule allows time for attendees to explore Vancouver and take advantage of the special events offered by ASIS&T.”

For a more details on SC&I faculty and student presentations, see the full list below and to view the ASIS&T schedule, click here.


Modeling Social Support Scores Using Phone Use Patters

   Isha Ghosh (Ph.D. Student) and Vivek Singh (Assistant Professor)

Characterizing Transgender Health Issues on Twitter

   Amir Karami, Frank Webb & Vanessa Kitzie (Ph.D. Alumna)

"Life Never Matters in the DEMOCRATS MIND": Examining Strategies of Retweeted Social Bots During a Mass Shooting Event

   Vanessa Kitzie (Ph.D. Alumna), Ehsan Mohammadi & Amir Karami

Restructuring and Formalizing: Scholarly Communication as a Sustainable Growth Opportunity in Information Agencies?

   A. J. Million, Heather Moulaison-Sandy (Ph.D. Alumna) & Cynthia Hudson-Vitale

Investigating and Building Practices for Maintaining and Ethical and Sustainable Scholarly Identity with Online Platforms and Social Media Sites

   Marie L. Radford (Professor), Vanessa Kitzie (Ph.D. Alumna), Stephanie Mikitish (Ph.D. Alumna, Librarian), Diana Floegel (Ph.D. Student), Gary Radford (Ph.D. Alumnus) & Lynn Silipigni Connaway

Automatic Assessment of Mental Health Using Phone Metadata

   Vivek Singh (Assistant Professor) and Teng Long

Politicians & the Public: The Analysis of Political Communication in Social Media

   Juan Pablo Alperin, Catherine Dumas, Amir Karami, David Mascrop, Vivek Singh (Assistant Professor), Hassan     Zamir, Aylin Ilhan & Isabelle Dorsch

Online Targeting of Researchers/Academics in LIS: Ethical Obligations and Best Practices

   Devon Greyson, Nicole Cooke (Ph.D. Alumna), Amelia Gibson & Heidi Julien

Evaluating the Impact of a Virtual Reality Workstation in an Academic Library: Methodology and Preliminary Findings

  Zack Lischer-Katz (Ph.D. Alumnus) & Mathew Cook

User Interactions with “Alexa” in Public Academic Space, Irene Lopatovska (Ph.D. Alumna)

Chang Liu, (Ph.D. Alumna)

Muh-Chyun Tang, (Ph.D. alumnus)


Beyond Bloom's Taxonomy: Integrating "Searching as Learning" Perspectives with Learning Sciences Research

   Rebecca Reynolds (Associate Professor), Eric Meyers, Souvick Ghosh (Ph.D. Candidate) & Alamir Novin

Politicians & the Public: The analysis of Political Communication in Social Media

  Vivek Singh (Assistant Professor), Isabelle Dorsch, Catherine Dumas, Aylin Ilhan, Amir Karami, David Moscrop, Juan Pablo, and Hassan Zamir

Challenges of False Information: What Do We Do About Fake News?

Denise Agosto (Ph.D. Alumna)

Open Science: Development, Challenges and Practice in the Global Context - Sponsored by: SIG-IEP & SIG-III, Ying-Hsang Liu (Ph.D. Alumnus)

Visual Presentations:

Towards Automatic Fake News Classification

   Souvick Ghosh (Ph.D. Candidate) and Chirag Shah (Associate Professor)

Improving Corpus Reproducibility through Modular Text Transformations & Connected Data Sets

   Jonathan Puliza (Ph.D. Student) & Chirag Shah (Associate Professor)

SIG Presentations:

SIG InfoLearn Workshop: Coordinating Scholarship in "Searching as Learning" 

   Caroline Haythornthwaite, Eric Meyers, Rebecca Reynolds (Associate Professor), Denise Agosto

Moving Toward the Future of Information Behavior Research and Practice: 18th Annual SIG-USE Research Symposium

   Annie Chen, Marissa Ocepek & Yiwei Wang (Ph.D. Candidate)


Elfreda A. Chatman Research Award: Kaitlin Costello (Assistant Professor), Devin Greyson

ASIST New Leaders Award: Manasa Rath (Ph.D. Candidate)


European Chapter miniBarCamp

            Marie L. Radford (Professor) Speaker

Doctoral Colloquium

            Marie L. Radford (Professor) Respondent

SIG InfoLearn Meeting on Monday, 11/12 at 12:30pm

            Rebecca Reynolds (Associate Professor), Eric Meyers, Denise Agosto

Rutgers Reception: 

8-10 p.m. on Monday, November 12 in the Plaza A Ballroom



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