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SC&I Senior Steven Dezuniga Receives the Graduation Gift of a Lifetime: A Job at Google
An Information Technology and Informatics major and Latino and Caribbean Studies minor who interned for the company last summer, Dezuniga ’20, will travel to Michigan to work as a full-time Google employee following his graduation from SC&I in May.
gate at Rutgers University

Starting in May 2020, Steven Dezuniga ’20, an Information Technology and Informatics major at SC&I, will be working at Google in Ann Arbor, Michigan, as a full-time account strategist. Dezuniga will work with a portfolio of Google’s advertising clients, helping them optimize their accounts and improve their performance.

Dezuniga interned for Google during the summer of 2019, at the same location, measuring metrics and engagement for Google advertising clients located in the Canadian provinces and territories.

“It was nice and the office was beautiful, and it was my first time working for corporate America,” Dezuniga said. “It wasn’t a program that held your hand. After training the first five weeks, it was more independent and I and the rest of the interns applied what we’d learned and managed accounts on our own.” Dezuniga said after his internship ended, he was recommended by three of his supervisors to continue as a full-time employee, and following a secondary interview process, he was offered his current position.

As his fellow Rutgers classmates find themselves in a similar position of applying to companies and searching for their dream jobs and internships, Dezuniga's advice is to always cast a wide net. He suggests applying to as many places as possible, being sure to highlight facts in resumes and cover letters that individual companies might find important. Dezuniga also reminds students to not stress over the details and to be authentic. He said, “At the end of the day, you only have so much control. Once you send off your application it’s up to the recruiter. I would recommend being your most genuine self on paper and in interviews. If you have to put up a facade you’re never going to enjoy where you are no matter what the job is.”

Dezuniga says he is lucky that Google and the people he met there have been a great fit, adding that he even met his best friend there over the summer. He says, “It was an enriching experience to learn about the role and meet young new minds that made me a better problem solver overall.”

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