The School of Communication and Information produces field-defining scholarship focused on communication, information, and media that expands knowledge, advances practice, promotes social justice, and improves lives.   

  • Our research community includes established and emerging researchers who are nationally and internationally renowned in their academic fields for scholarly excellence and in society for the significant impact of their community and publicly engaged scholarship.  
  • Our research community is richly represented in scholarship fields that are behavioral, computational, critical, design, historical, humanistic, statistical, and social scientific research approaches. 
  • Our researchers are deeply committed to innovating and refining methods to best address the ever-evolving complexities and consequences of communication, information, and media.  
  • Our research achieves significant scholarly and societal impact. The research is published in the highest impact journals internationally, top university presses worldwide, and the proceedings of the most prestigious conferences. 
  • Our research community consistently receives competitively awarded funding from federal, state, and international agencies and leading foundations.

Our researchers are regularly involved in public and community-engaged research that makes a difference.  

Mark Aakhus, Associate Dean of Research and Professor of Communication