September 2022 - News Articles

Meet Annie Zhang, ITI’24: “ITI really pushes understanding technology and organizations as a whole.”

Zhang had once considered majoring in Computer Science, but she chose Information Technology and Informatics because she “really wanted to work with people rather than doing development work.” Read about why she chose to major in ITI, how the knowledge she’s gained has benefitted her work at many internships and jobs, and her plans this fall.

“Russia 2018” vs. “Qatar 2022”: New SC&I Study Examines FIFA World Cup Host Countries’ Use of Virtual Reality to Promote the Games

A new study reveals neither host country fully utilized virtual reality to promote the games and promote national branding and adds to the theoretical discussions on the role VR plays in sports journalism and sports public relations and provides practical recommendations on the use of virtual reality during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SC&I Classes in Greece, Ireland, and Italy Expand Students’ Education, Knowledge, Professional Development, and Worldview

Both undergraduate and graduate students expanded their academic knowledge, field experience, and understanding of European cultures this past spring and summer by taking study abroad classes taught by SC&I faculty through Rutgers Global.