ITI Independent Study

An Independent Study is an individually negotiated learning program of approximately 150 hours representing a significant learning opportunity for the student. It provides a framework that allows students to design, negotiate and manage their own program of study based on their existing experience and knowledge as well as their long-term intentions.

To be eligible to propose an ITI Independent Study you must:

  • Be an ITI major with junior or senior status.
  • Have completed a minimum of 27 credits in ITI courses (not including 04:189:101, 102, or 103).
  • Have at least a 2.75 grade point average in the ITI major.
  • Have at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average.
  • A written agreement from a full-time professor in the Library and Information Science (LIS) department to oversee and evaluate your work.

If you meet all required qualifications you may apply to register for the 3-credit course 04:547:460 Independent Study using this application:

  • Propose your Independent Study via the application

Interested in an Independent Study?

An Independent Study in Information Technology and Informatics is arranged by presenting a proposal to a full-time faculty member in the LIS department who will be the official sponsor of your independent study. If you need help identifying a faculty sponsor you can meet with ITI Director Warren Allen to discuss the nature, objectives and outcomes of your proposed Independent Study.

With input from your faculty sponsor, you will describe the details of your Independent Study, the number of meetings and specific course requirements, and then download and complete the ITI Independent Study Application.

The deadline for submission is before the end of the Add/Drop period. Submit the completed application with a copy of your transcripts and your written proposal to the Office of Student Services in Room 214 of the SC&I building. Once you receive approval, you are assigned a Special Permission Number to proceed with the enrollment and commence your Independent Study.

ITI Senior Thesis

The ITI program offers a Senior Thesis option to undergraduates who excel in the major. Senior Thesis students conduct original research under the supervision of a faculty advisor and an honors thesis committee. In order to be accepted into the program, you must meet the specified eligibility requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have at least a 3.4 grade point average in the ITI major.
  • Have at least a 3.2 cumulative grade point average.
  • Have completed 45 credits of university-level coursework by the end of the semester in which you make the declaration.
  • Have an agreement from a faculty advisor.
  • Complete and submit an ITI honors declaration.

What to do Upon Acceptance

Once you’ve been accepted, follow these steps:

You may also participate in your college honors program under the sponsorship of the department.