Health Communication

The Health Communication specialization is intended for students who wish to specialize in various contexts related to community wellness and health interaction such as public health communication; facilitated provider-patient communication; health campaigns and advocacy; and community health and wellness.

Specialization Core Requirements (6 credits)

These courses are recommended for this specialization.

Special Topics Courses (as offered by semester):

  • 5XX Effective Presentations
  • 5XX Crisis Communication
  • 5XX Small Group Communication
  • 5XX Non-Profit Organizations
  • 5XX Mental Health
  • 5XX Communities and Health
  • 5XX Communicating Emotion
  • 5XX Health Risk Communication
  • 5XX Leadership and Healthcare Teams
  • 5XX Health Literacy
  • 5XX Interpersonal Health Communication

Cross-listed Ph.D./MCM Courses (as offered by semester)