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Strategic Organizational Communication

Specialization Core Requirements (6 credits)

The Strategic Organizational Communication specialization emphasizes theory-informed, research-based study of organizational process, structure, and interaction, as well as use of new communication technologies in organizational and societal contexts. Courses examine organizations in a variety of contexts including businesses, nonprofits, civil society, and government. This specialization may be especially appealing for those who have goals for careers in organizational leadership, corporate communication, advocacy, administration and/or management, training and development, consulting, change management, stakeholder relationship management, and social media management.

Electives (18 Credits)

These courses are recommended for this specialization.

 Other potential electives

Cross-listed Ph.D./MCM Courses (as offered by semester)

Special Topics Courses (as offered by semester):

  • 5XX Effective Presentations
  • 5XX Crisis Communication
  • 5XX Multiculturalism and Leadership: Communication Perspectives
  • 5XX Small Group Communication
  • 5XX Non-Profit Organizations
  • 5XX Redefining the Role of Business in Society


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